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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Latihan UN Bahasa Inggris dan Pembahasan

The problem of over population in Indonesia is made worse by the fact that fifty percent
of all Indonesians are below the age of eighteen years. Most of them are dependents. They do
not earn money to support themselves and are in need of many facilities like food, medical care,
clothing, education, and employment opportunities. Although a large number of them are forced
to drop out of school to earn a living, the government. still has to spent a very large part of its
revenue on education. Then comes the problem of creating enough jobs for every new
generation of school leavers or college graduates.
                  Although the problem of overcrowded cities is difficult to solve, there is a solution to the
problem of people living in overcrowded areas of the countryside. The solution is internal
migration. This means moving poor people from the countryside to different but underdeveloped
parts of Indonesia, where they may work to build a new life themselves. In Indonesia, there are
large and active resettlement programmes of his sort which have given a new life to thousands
of people.

1. What is mainly discussed in the text?
A . Population problem.
B . Migration in Indonesia.
C . How to solve unemployment in Indonesia.
D . Overcrowded cities
E . A new life for thousands of people
Kunci : A
Penyelesaian :
Teks di atas menjelaskan tentang masalah kependudukan.

2." ........ government still has to spend a very large part of ........" (paragraph 1)
The meaning of the underlined word is ........
A . bring up
B . give out
C . take off
D . use up
E . take up
Kunci : D
Penyelesaian :
Spend artinya menghabiskan, use up artinya menghabiskan.

3. " ........ from the countryside to different but underdeveloped parts of Indonesia."
(paragraph l ).
The antonym of underlined word is ........
A . developing
B . developed
C . isolated
D . neglected
E . growing
Kunci : E
Penyelesaian :
Underdeveloped = terbelakang/tidak maju lawannya growing = tumbuh.

4. James : Why didn't you answer my call?
    Peter : Sorry ........
A . I was feeding my cattle
B . I have fed my cattle
C . I fed my cattle
D . I had fed all my cattle
E . I'll feed my cattle
Kunci : A
Penyelesaian :
Kejadian terjadi di masa lampau dan kegiatan saat itu sedang berlangsung.
Formatnya : S + was + + O (I was feeding my cattle.)

5. Wido : Would you like me to carry these books, sir?
    Mr Sumadi : Sure, thank you very Much.
  The underlined expression shows ........
  A . offering to do something
  B . asking to do something
  C . apologizing for someone's mistake
  D . disagreeing with someone's opinion
  E . greeting someone
Kunci : A
Penyelesaian :
Would you mengandung penawaran untuk melakukan sesuatu (offering to do something)


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