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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Quick DAMN Holiday EVER

this photo taken when idul fitri almost over. me and my family visit my uncle’s house at Donggala. we’re spend a lot of time at his home, because we’re start from our home its about 8 in the morning and go home when the sun almost set. after doing a general things when idul fitri, we’re decide to go to Tanjung Karang Beach. Tanjung Karang Beach it self is one of interesting place in Palu when we’re gonna spend our holiday with family or friends. when we’re just arrived at Tanjung Karang, we’re start to took some photos. me as the photographer took many photos. and when i want to took some more, another uncle of mine called us loudly to follow him and get in the KATINTING.

then i must to took photos from up here while looking at the foreigns. after have fun on the katinting, i decide to change my clothes to go to swim but my parents said we’re have to go home soon. WHAT THE HELL. i’ve been waiting this moment for 3 weeks, and they’re just said like there’s nothing happened. it feels like i don’t wanna go home soon before i do swim. thats why i called this THE QUICK DAMN HOLIDAY EVER !!